What I’m listening to…28th Sept 2013

This is what I’ve been listening to consistently over the past week or so…

  1. !!! – Thr!!!er
    Groovy but indie.  Great sound that isn’t too polished which gives character to songs that are absolutely infectious.
  2. Atoms For Peace – AMOK
    Bit of a supergroup with Thom York out front.  Groovy but very relaxed.  I’m drawn to this chilled out style.
  3. Devil Driver – Winter Kills
    Nothing like a good metal album to rev you up.  They seem to have rediscovered that drive that they had on their 2nd and 3rd albums.  Great album.
  4. Richard Thompson – Mirror Blue
    I was recently told that I remind someone of Richard Thompson so I downloaded this album to check out his stuff.  At times reminds me of Nick Cave crossed with Neil Young.

A General Update

Hello readers!  It’s been a while since I’ve ventured out, either locally or interweb-like and there’s been a bit that has happened.  Here is that bit in a nutshell…

I have a gig coming up in St Kilda at the Dog’s Bar.  I’m on stage from 9pm but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of fantastic talent for those who decide to rock up early and grab a bite to eat.  The menu looks affordable so I’ll be running with that option myself.  This reminds me…I should prolly put together a set list for the night…

I recently had the chance to visit San Francisco.  It was a whirlwind visit, but I was able to take my trusty Traveller Guitar, planning to play an Open Mic while I was there.  I found a night at a venue only a couple of blocks away from where I was staying and went to check it out.  Hotel Utah.  A friendly place bursting at the seems with talent.  There are so many artists looking to play and time was limited.  You get 6 mins or 1 song…what ever comes first!  Write your name on a bit of paper when you get there and put it in the beer jug (or pitcher) and the order of the night is determined by what name gets pulled out and when.  I think I got drawn out at number 500 or something silly like that so I sat back and enjoyed the company of fellow musicians and those who were out just to see a bit of music.  Some couldn’t stay to play as it was getting late, but it was great to meet you anyway Susanne and the others that shared our little table in the corner.
The depth of talent was nothing short of amazing, including those on the fringe like Dr Dreame, who created a soundscape with nothing but a microphone and some looping and effects pedals and then proceeded to begin storytelling…
And there was also Mike Fleming who was pretty good at drinking beer.
And then there was Lachlan Cross who beat me to the whole ‘not from around here’ angle when he played early on in the night.  I’m told that there’s an Australian in every pub in the world.
In the end, it got too late for me.  After travelling 13000kms and being up for 50 hours with little sleep, I lost the ability to put more than three words together…performing was no longer on the radar.  I just needed to get back to the hotel room and sleep.

So next month, I’m headed to New York City on business.  I’m looking forward to meeting up with friends and family, some of whom I haven’t met yet.  I’m also looking forward to checking out NY’s open mic scene.  I hear it is awesome, but it’ll have to be to top what I experienced in ‘Cisco!

Don’t forget to pop down to the Dog’s Bar in St Kilda, 56 Acland Street, St.Kilda on September 2nd to see me perform from 9pm.  The more the merrier!  See you there!

A Busy Week

It’s been a busy week for me.  An inspiring week too.

On Sunday I flew to Sydney for an overnight adventure, all in the name of seeing Dead Can Dance who have been very quiet over the past decade or so.  When tickets went on sale, it was only one night in Australia.  That was in Sydney at the Sydney Opera House.  There was no way that I was going to miss this so I bought a couple of tickets, booked flights and hotel and was set.  Of course they added another Opera House show later, after I had already arranged everything…I could have paid some extra to stay on I guess but once you add airfares, accommodation, airport carparking fees, train tickets, meals…and for 2…well the budget unfortunately won out.

We missed the start of the Sydney gig.  Apparently 8pm on tickets in Sydney has nothing to do with what time the doors open, as it does in Melbourne.  Their performance was stunning and I quickly forgot my disappointment of being let in late.  I was mesmerised throughout much of the performance, which to tell you the truth, is one of the things that draws me to DCD.  To see a performance in a room that is built with acoustics in mind is another plus that can never be underestimated.  While we can never do away with the atmosphere generated in the square rooms of pubs and cafes, they would never be able to compete sonically with a venue of the Opera House’s calibre.

So back to work on the Tuesday to an almost deserted office.  The majority of my colleagues had travelled to New York for business.  I knew the dates were going to clash when I heard it was coming up, but I could not fail to experience DCD live.  There was plenty for me to do at work.  It was kinda lucky for some of my clients that I was available and not overseas.
Wednesday night came around very quickly and I was at The Palais in St Kilda to see DCD again!  Although they played the same set, although the sound was bouncing around in a squarish room; I once again found myself being lost in the moment.  Lisa Gerrard‘s voice doesn’t require a language beyond emotion and Brendan Perry‘s baritone pulls you in without a thought.

So now to the weekend…Sunday is a day for me to give blood (you should organise to do it too!) and then onto the Darebin Songwriters Guild Meeting to play some songs.  It’s open to the public and the entry fee is by donation.  I’m looking forward to meeting some new friends there…and some familiars ones when you arrive.
Now…what songs to play…?