Dawn EP

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for you, but let me tell you…I’ve been busy.  Not busy in a get out and play sort of way.  No, I’ve been recording, mixing, re-recording and I’ve got something together for you to enjoy.



Dawn contains 4 songs, all written, performed and recorded by me.

1. Dawn
2. Resonate
3. PiGGy COme HoMe
4. Em Juan

Dawn is taken from a future release that I’m organising.  The other 3 songs are songs that have changed in some way or are from a different recording session.  I’m sure they will appear on a future release but in a different format.  They definitely deserved to see the light of day as they are on this EP, so please enjoy them.

You can purchase a pack with mp3 files and artwork (the artwork is an A4 sheet of paper that folds into a CD sleeve) or packs that also include either flac or wav files in addition to the mp3 files and artwork.
Paypal handles the money and then you’ll be emailed a download link.  Pretty sweet for 75c a song…

– approx 83MB

– approx 206MB

– approx 256MB